P.R.I.D.E. Governs Our Performance And Sets Us Apart

Priority on Safety
and Social Responsibility

  • Health and safety of our employees will always come first.
  • As a company we are actively involved in initiatives that benefit the environment and the communities in which we live and work.

Respectful, Open
and Honest Working Relationships

  • Includes our employees, our suppliers, our partners and our customers.
  • We show this in the way we communicate and treat each other.
  • We embrace diversity in our workplace and actively show respect for all individuals.

Improvement Seekers Who
Work Together for a Better Way

  • We value a continuous improvement culture.
  • We have embraced technology and innovation.

Dedicated to a Positive, Productive
Workplace and Balanced Lifestyles

  • We believe that achieving balance is critical to achieving success.
  • We foster fun and know that a positive work environment is a key ingredient to productivity.

Enabling Success Through Personal
Dedication, Team Work, and the Pursuit of Excellence

  • We are loyal to our team and are mutually accountable to each other.
  • We recognize that teamwork is essential to achieving excellence in our performance.

our values

Our Mission Statement

Executive Millwork Inc. is customer focused and committed to excellence by delivering high quality competitively priced millwork solutions.

We are driven to be a leader in the industry as a preferred employer and an innovator in millwork who has embraced continuous improvement.

Please extend our thanks to your staff as well, who were always very professional and courteous to deal with!
Barb Tien, P.R.E.P.
I was at the site yesterday and the work your team is doing is outstanding. It is really coming together. Main hall details, founders lounge, restaurant are all fantastic. Great, great, job. Our thanks to all at Executive.
Barry Gowling, Gowling and Gibb Architects
I would have those three fellows here anytime.
Danica Sauve, AD Williams
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Executive Millwork is the ultimate in
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