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Project Description

Winner:  2009/10 Alberta Woodworks Award – Interior Beauty – Heritage Park; Gowling & Gibbs Architect

The Heritage Park project is one of our showcase projects because of the detail and breadth of work required. This project consists of multiple areas within Heritage Park, and made use of all hand-crafted solid wood.

Project Details

  • Duration: 2007-2010
  • Areas of Work Included:
    • Gasoline Alley
    • Heritage Block retail spaces
    • Founders Lounge
    • Orientation and Ticket Buildings
    • Canmore opera house
    • Gasoline Alley Restaurant
  • Main Materials Used:
    • Fir
    • Mahogany
    • Alder
    • Oak
    • Birch
    • Plus around 20 different milled moldings