Project Description

Winner:  2013 AWMAC Product design & Quality Award.

Project Details

  • Duration: 2012-2013
  • Areas of Work Included:
    • Storefront
    • POS Stations
    • SHAW Feature wall
    • Ceiling fixtures
    • Counters
  • Main Materials Used:
    • Maple Veneer
    • All laminates are Pionite Melcor II and Formica ColourCore 2
    • POS Station with Corian transaction and countertops and brushed aluminum base
    • Corian “Illumination Series” bench tops with LED backlighting and upholstered cushions
    • MDF Wall build outs wrapped in upholstery with Marlite hooks and aluminum snap frames
    • Ceiling fixtures with maple veneer clear finish and MDF with opaque gloss lacquer
    • “SHAW” 3D logo wall: Custom wallpaper graphic pressed onto MDF panels and CNC cut from the back side and built out to various thicknesses