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Project Description

This project is a LEED Gold Certified Facility.

The Telus Spark project is a showcase project for us because of the detail and breadth of work required. Looking for ways to offset their carbon footprint, Telus Spark utilized materials that took the environment into consideration such as NAUF and recycled materials.


Project Details

  • Duration: 2009-2011
  • Areas of Work Included:
    • Ticket desk
    • Counters, cabinets and doors
    • Accoustic Panels
    • Café & Concession
  • Main Materials Used:
    • Assorted laminates, arborite, pionite, & wilsonart
    • 9 wood paneling
    • 3 form paneling
    • Melamine
    • Baltic Birch
    • Frosted Tempered Glass
    • Alkemi (Recycled surface material)