A Vision For Our Company

Our Business and Operations

All employees have the information, materials, and tools that they need to do their job when they need it. This means that information flow is seamless and hand-offs between our roles are smooth and accurate.

We manage our client’s projects to balance and meet their needs in terms of cost, quality, and schedule/delivery requirements. We manage this balance with confidence, this means:

  • We proactively work with our customers on how we can meet their needs.
  • We negotiate positively regarding information exchange, timelines, and commitments.
  • We ensure scheduling is balanced internally to not “excessively rush” at the end.
  • The quality standards for each project are captured upfront in the design and expressed on the drawings.
  • We will not compromise on meeting these quality expectations.
  • We put a priority on defect free production.

Improvement ideas are integrated into the company end-to-end, this means:

  • Duplication as well as occurrences of errors and rework is greatly reduced or eliminated.
  • We learn from our mistakes, problem-solve proactively and make needed changes to our systems, processes and standards.

We have a healthy flow of work coming into the operation, this means:

  • We have strong systems and processes in estimation that align with the total business.
  • We proactively seek work and we also foster partnerships and repeat clients.

Our Culture

  • Internal team members cooperate with each other to support the business. We are united together within the company to deliver each project in the most efficient and effective manner possible.
  • We are more proactive (less reactive); firefighting is reduced.
  • Personal accountability and self-initiated responsibility is high in the company.
  • We are focused on the root cause of the problems and different strategies of fixing them (we don’t use blame or finger-pointing).
  • We recognize that better informed employees results in better decision making at work.
  • Our training, coaching, and mentoring systems and processes are very strong. We have one of the best apprentice onboarding programs in the millwork industry.
  • We do not compromise on safety; we have standards and processes appropriate for each situation.
  • We continue to make our work environment fun. We love our social events!
  • We recognize the value of flexibility / adaptability.

our experts - industry leaders

Our Mission Statement

Executive Millwork Inc. is customer focused and committed to excellence by delivering high quality competitively priced millwork solutions.

We are driven to be a leader in the industry as a preferred employer and an innovator in millwork who has embraced continuous improvement.

Please extend our thanks to your staff as well, who were always very professional and courteous to deal with!
Barb Tien, P.R.E.P.
I was at the site yesterday and the work your team is doing is outstanding. It is really coming together. Main hall details, founders lounge, restaurant are all fantastic. Great, great, job. Our thanks to all at Executive.
Barry Gowling, Gowling and Gibb Architects
I would have those three fellows here anytime.
Danica Sauve, AD Williams
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