Makarena Alvarez

Just a quick note that the millwork at Hines looks so amazing. I know that Hines is really happy with the quality as well – congrats to the team!

Chris Royer

I want to thank you and your team for the efforts you have put in. The client is very particular and you guys have been very professional in all our dealings with you.  Your work on the project is exactly what I look for when we have the opportunity to recommend a millwork subcontractor on our projects.  You set yourself apart from the pack when it comes to working with us collaboratively.

Eli Mathieson

The extraordinary professionalism and dedication of your group allowed the entire construction team to stay on the critical path. The challenging working environment showcased your ability to preplan and communicate at a high level. As your firm had the ability to meet our demanding schedule, work with the challenging logistics and tight deliver times, and provide world class product – sets your company apart from others.  The New Central Library was delivered ahead of schedule and your team played a huge part in our success.

Janice Liebe

As a Prime Consultant for the project, DIALOG sincerely appreciated Executive Millwork’s attention to detail, their congenial spirit and team culture that enhanced the work environment on site and the quality of the end product. The international praise for the project as evidenced in the international press speaks for itself, with images that largely focus on elements that Executive Millwork delivered.

Barb Tien

Please extend our thanks to your staff as well, who were always very professional and courteous to deal with!

Emilia Giesbrecht

(Regarding the AWMAC Architectural Millwork – Design Innovation Award)

This is great news. Wanted to share. Another great job with Executive Millwork.  Sending the biggest congratulations on the work completed at DBB. Excellent work.

Justin Estby

I was in the tower with the consultant and owner this afternoon and we ended up in unit 920 where Matt is currently working on baseboard and frames. The team was impressed with how organized Executive is in that suite. I just wanted to let you know that we really appreciate Executive’s approach to the project and the quality of work you guys provide.

Robert Cowan

The West Island College Renovation project was very schedule intensive and was delivered successfully in large part due to Executive Millwork’s onsite and project management team. Your team came to the table with a positive and optimistic attitude to work with the General Contractor, which played a large part in making this project a success.

Diane Cassidy

Executive has great shop drawings, I’m very impressed with their thoroughness and attention to detail. This is going to look so great!

Barry Gowling

I was at the site yesterday and the work your team is doing is outstanding. It is really coming together. Main hall details, founders lounge, restaurant are all fantastic. Great, great, job. Our thanks to all at Executive.